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      1. About UsCompany Profile
        Company Profile
        SINCE 1992
        Country Garden Services Holdings Company Limited

        Country Garden Services Holdings Company Limited was founded in 1992. After 27 years of steady development, the company’s business covers residential properties, commercial properties, office buildings, multi-functional complex buildings, government and other public facilities, industrial parks, highway service stations, parks, schools and so on.

        Adhering to service concepts of ‘fulfill and anticipate the needs of property owners’ and ‘center everything around property owners’, Country Garden Services has acquired three major certifications – ISO quality management system, ISO environmental management system and British Standards Institution (BSI) occupational health and safety system. With a strong offline service system, we  integrate community business resources, provide full life-cycle services and preserve the clients’ property value, ensuring property owners’exceptional service experience.

        • 31
          provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions
        • 280cities
        • 840
          property projects
        • 505 million
          square meters of total management area
        • morethan1.4
          million owners
        Expiration date:December 31th,2018


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