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      1. CooperationCooperation model
        Cooperation model
        • Overall Entrustment Management
          Through the authorization of property management rights to us, developers/owners/ other property management organizations are provided with professional and distinctive 5H full lifecycle services by Country Garden Services on a lum-sum or commission basis.
        • Consulting Services
          We share expertise in a wide range of services, including but not limited to, early stage consultancy, high-end field services, on-site management consultancy, and other professional advisory services. Our specialist team has over 20 years' professional experiences and are strive to achieve a win-win situation with customers.
        • Partnership Scheme Development
          By acquiring substantial controlling stake in the target company through Merger and Acquisitions, we work with partners closely to share risks as well as benefits. We fully leverage on our professionalism and partners’ competitive advantages to maximize synergies. We strive to establish long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.


        Project Cases
        Cooperative contact
        Welcome to call the exclusive service hotline
        Service Hotline
        • 139-2958-888
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